Monday, January 1, 2007

1st January, 2007

New Year's Day and time to think of all those resolutions that you'd like to keep to for the coming year. Mine include spending more time working with Petra Perkins, being kinder to myself and being true to myself too. It's impossible to run my business on lines that don't coincide with my own moral code. In particular I don't want to charge the earth because I want to be able to work with horses and ponies that may have been cheap and cheerful in the first place and where the owners put very spare penny towards the horse rather than themselves. I like to be generous with my time and my advice too. I won't press someone to make a second appointment even if I really hope they will for the horse's sake and I won't go where I'm not wanted. I must be a bank manager's nightmare. So, if you think my van is tatty or my clothes look well worn it's because I'd rather be reassuringly affordable than reassuringly expensive. I hope I will be judged by the quality of my work rather than the quality of my labels.