Saturday, July 28, 2007

28th July, 2007 Another fine mess......?

During the week that Piper was gelded at The Barn, I witnessed a coloured cob having his feet trimmed under intravenous sedation. Despite the sedative, the farrier still had a huge battle on his hands and was having to use ropes on the horses feet to get the job done. When I left, the horse was standing on his hind legs boxing out at him. This horse was subsequently sold and I got a call about his foot handling problem within a week. It took two sessions with Stanley to set him up to pick up his feet for a click and treat reward. This morning was a fine example of co-operation between an owner, the vet, the farrier and a horse trainer. The vet authorised a very mild dose of oral sedative (the horse didn't look in the least bit dozy) and the farrier worked with me so that whenever Stanley picked up his feet for him I gave him a click and treat. Quite unexpectedly, Andy Marsh , the farrier was able to trim all of his feet without him so much as threatening to rear. Stanley fought his apprehension instead of the farrier and the whole job was done within 30 minutes. We were all rather pleased with ourselves. This is a four year old horse and he is going to need his feet done a lot of times....much better if we can get him over his phobia now.

I would very much like to have put up a picture of this event but sadly thieves broke into my van last night and stole my camera.