Sunday, July 15, 2007

15th July, 2007 MGFT Equine Open Day

A somewhat chaotic day down at the MGFT with Hilary's Bitting clinic running in parallel to talks by the Damory Vets and a sponsored ride across the Purbecks! My own demonstration ended with a marathon loading session for a horse that came in for the bitting clinic and seemingly didn't want to leave. Ebony, a delightful mare that's in foal, is available for re-homing...

N.B. Since this post was written the MGFT has changed it's policy on re-homing horses so that horses that are re-homed are actually given to their new owners in return for a donation. I am deeply concerned that this protects neither the horse, the old owner or the new owner and I no longer feel able to recommend the Trust.