Monday, September 17, 2007

17th September, 2007 Nelly-Noo

Nelly (top) is proving to be a wonderful Auntie to Kanuthi. His mother is rather serious about life so Nell provides all the fun. Looking at the size of her, I think she may be pregnant now (by Kanuthi's sire) but all the ponies on the Forest look really well this year. Something to do with all the rain.

On Saturday I went over to meet Stanley (bottom) and the farrier again, and despite the added complication of a foot abscess in one hoof, Stanley stood well to be trimmed and this time we do have photos...... remember, the first time I saw him having his feet done he was standing on his hind legs wafting them around people's ears. Now, I don't want anyone to get too excited and I can't promise any pictures, but I have been asked to help with a goat called Johannes who won't stand still for his feet to be trimmed and bites his owner when she perseveres.