Monday, November 26, 2007

26th November, 2007 Marketing

Believe it or not, I'm actually quite shy and go all bashful about making phone calls or selling myself, I'm happiest talking when I've got a pony under my arm. You'd think after years of working in open court, doing most of the speaking parts, that I'd be utterly confident. I can still recite the mode of trial election at random but telling someone that actually, yes, I can make a real difference to their horse and that I am good, sorry very good, at what I do just doesn't come easily to me. I tend to think that it's best if people judge me by my work and for that I do need to go there in the first place. So, here's some recent testimonials and look out for an article about me in Horsemart in January and a demo at RDA Wilton in the near future.

Had a good weekend with my little furry friends. Having watched Monty last week with tarpaulin work I did exactly as he did (started folded small, and enlarge) with a big scary piece of bright blue plastic. Gingernut as expected just walked across with that 'so its blue plastic' look on his face and with Bobby I did as you and Monty have showed me and it was text book. I was proud of him and he seemed very pleased with himself!
From CH 21.10.07

The deed is done! O-horse is now sporting a rather fetching blanket clip. He was a very good boy - did lots of work with him before I started and within 10 mins of turning the blades on I had started and there was no looking back - he was very relaxed and even let me clip half his head! He happily munched his way through his haynet whilst I did it and I think he was much more comfy by the end (he was very hairy!!)….. Oh by the way - you have another convert - S asked me and T for some help with B-pony was so impressed by what she saw when you came down that all the Parelli DVDs are going on ebay and she wants to learn more about IH! She says it makes more sense to her than Parelli.... :-)
From EC 21.10.07

I found the whole experience very emotional and had to fight back the tears, my horses mean everything to me and was more than pleased with the methods used as it will create a more respectful foal and not a scared one. Having asked outsiders advice I.E friends and listening to their ideas about what to do when having a foal rearing I just knew this was not the way forward, so looked for alternative ways. In fact it makes me sad now that a lot of horse problems can be resolved without laying one finger on them. Sarah was very patience with me as I lost my confidence a bit since being kicked by my foal, and also explained everything she was carrying out and what she was reading in body language,
Evaluation form from RM 25.10.07

The hugest of huge thank yous for yesterday. It was a highlight of the year sort of day. George said but why was it so good and the answer is just because it was.
From Liz Pitman 26.10.07

Course reviews from Exmoor Pony Centre:
Thank you so much for this course...extraordinarily interesting and useful to do. Sheila Read 11.11.07
Thank you so much Sarah. I have learnt so much and so much still to learn. Margaret A. 11.11.07
Lovely to see you again and see such good work and happy foals. Linzi
Absolutely fantastic. Loved every minute, Thanks Hayley B.
The last two weeks have been a real eye-opener and I have enjoyed every min! Thank you for being so patient with us, Sadie.Thank you Sarah. It has been a wonderful three days, Auntie Jane (Howard)
Thank you so much doesn’t come near the gratitude I feel over this wonderful experience. Derry
Another great success. Who’d have thought it five years ago. With love, Val.Great teacher, Hayley.
It’s been great to watch, Jane.
Thanks for giving us all so much pleasure – wishing you every success with your projects, Rosie
It has been a great pleasure to meet you both and a real privilege to work with you both. I have wanted to do this sort of thing for ages and cannot thank you enough for being so approachable and friendly. Thanks, Jenny (Centre Manager)

And after the course:
Thank you for a very special experience with the Exmoor foals. I am very impressed with your methods and it was very moving to see the foals relax and begin to trust us. Jane H. (Fosterer)
"The foals are all doing very well and enjoying the routine of coming in each day for hay and a cuddle. Some are even starting to get frustrated at our fumbling to get their headcollars on and are pushing us to do it faster as they want to go out for their food. I am glad you had a good time whilst you were here; the work that was done has really set the foals in good stead for the future." From Linzi to Derry

Review of the Myler bit:

I don't know if I ever gave you any feedback on the myler bit - but Suze has been a different pony, and she immediately relaxes down on the slightest pressure. I'm no expert and tend to ride her with very loose reins - mine are definitely smiling, but for what we do she seems happy enough and she even seems to be listening to me on the odd occasion! She has never mouthed or dribbled or shaken her head (except at flies) like she did with the ordinary snaffle - it's nothing short of a miracle!
LB-P 16.11.07

Feedback from Handling the Wild Pony Course on the New Forest:
I think my lasting memory will be working with the 2 year old, and having him take a few steps towards me when I walked away, and hearing him licking and chewing! - AND him sniffing my hand! It never ceases to amaze me how 'generous' horses can be.
Nikki B 20.11.07