Wednesday, January 16, 2008

16th January, 2008 Ha! Two steps forward, three steps back

So, my Grampa's in hospital having fallen over twice, the Commoner's Defence Association have refused to advertise my free foal handling service in their annual report because "we feel that the commoner is capable of handling his own stock" (but how???) and Kelly Marks can't think of a good thing to say about me to put on my poster other than "of course she's good or she wouldn't be an RA". Today I took X horse out long reining with her owner and the horse was perfect, better than a four year old should ever be and the owner put it down to almost everything including the dustbin men coming on a different day in Timbuktoo. I am trying hard not to lose my sense of humour - but I'm going to have to lose my ego.

When pushed Kelly said: 'Sarah Weston is marvellous and fab bless her'. Which made me smile and I met a nice Commoner called Rod this afternoon who is so kind to his ponies and open minded enough to give some of my techniques a go. We worked with his New Forest foal, Juniper and she was marvellous and fab bless her.