Tuesday, January 22, 2008

22nd January, 2008 Angels

A glorious day. The sun was out and it was warm on the horses' backs. Julie got on the Lusitano and the New Forest pony for the first time and both of them were absolutely fine. X has been ridden before but some time ago and she has had a few problems since. W has never been ridden before and he just thought it was a great way of keeping warm. Julie is so calm when she gets on them and just sits quietly while they work our how to balance and what they think. We will probably take them out for a walk in the inclosure on Thursday with Julie on board.

A few reviews have come in since Christmas....

Today was great and I will put your teaching into action. Will let you know how I get on.
P. Austreng. 27.12.07

Met Sarah Weston today and she was amazing!!!!She did wonders with my friend's horse it was incredible to watch. I would highly recommend her :-) Thank-you for letting me watch.
Mentioned on the NFED (Tracy 12.1.08)

Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the session on Saturday and for the book recommendations and notes you emailed. Lara and I really enjoyed the afternoon. We feel so much more confident with Lady and Spizzy! We talked about it later and decided that we both felt good because you gave us such positive feedback as well as ideas for 'what to do next.' We continually try to learn and improve our skills...I guess we are learning all the time...but also we try to have 'fun' with our horses and Saturday was good fun!Anyway...we shall continue practising the techniques you demonstrated and hopefully it will help us keep our horses fit and supple! E-mail from GS 22.1.08

What a remarkable job you are all doing in this appalling weather. P.D. 21.1.08