Friday, February 8, 2008

8th February, 2008 We are all made of Stars

With the starters almost ready to go home, we are just building up mileage and experience for them now. Yesterday Julie got bucked off when W-pony decided that going out with Petra was tremendously exciting. She got back on and he was fine. X went out with her companion being long-reined and had her feet trimmed by the barefoot trimmer, Laura Cantlie. I have a good shoeing farrier anyway but it was great to work with someone who wasn't at all predatorial around the horses and willing to really slow down if the horse was worried.
I had me second lesson with Amanda Barton this week which covered foot fall. It was amazing to know exactly when Petra's hind leg was coming up off the floor and to be able to influence it by just thinking what I wanted it to do.
My second visit to Star was very rewarding. She is long reining beautifully now.