Monday, March 3, 2008

3rd March, 2008 Matter over mind

The Dog Whisperer programme on Shy Three should be compulsory viewing for everyone with a dog and everyone with a horse. Last night, he was working with a Hungarain Visla that was terrified of life out on a noisy New York street. Every time it met something new, it's tail clamped down between it's legs and it would either run or hide; everything new. Cesar Milan worked with the dog and just kept lifting it's tail up over and over again and putting the dog into a prouder more confident stance. Finally, the dog was walked on lead which was attached also to his tail and gently held it aloft. In no time, the dog was striding down the street without a care in the world and certainly no fear. In horses, I often work on asking them to lower their heads in order to lower their adrenalin. The two go hand in hand. Perhaps it's like smiling - you might not feel like smiling but if you do, you feel just a bit happier almost immediately.