Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30th July, 2008 Latest reviews

I have just come back from putting cream on some mud fever I spotted on T-pony and I don't think I could have done it on my own if I hadn't had the teaching and experience from you.
PA 3.7.08

I am so glad I contacted you!

J McK 3.7.08

Hi Sarah,
I had felt I'd done a fair bit of work with W-pony - he's cool - but know it alls were telling me "He's 4 - just get on him, he needs to work" etc. (After all the woman over the road had broken her 4 year old in the time I had W-pony and its now jumping!!) Telling me he's not ready has actually made me happier than you'd think!!! It gives me a bit more time to chill with him and not feel pressurised by "horsey people" - who as you know aren't always kind to their horses or other people. I can honestly say that although I "knew" most of what you were telling me - (I have read some of Monty and Kelly )- seeing it work in the flesh with my pony has made me see that it really does work. It is logical - but I will have to work very hard with myself not to do the things I have always naturally done - you know if I touch W-pony and I see he doesn't like it - my natural insinct is to withdraw - a) cos I don't want to upset him b) I don't want him to get shirty. I can see so clearly now how a little perseverance can scale mountains - Thank you.
DS 3.7.08

I'm a firm supporter of my local RA... in fact she often gets emailing asking for advice (apologies Sarah! lol) Going back 2 yrs ago i'd heard of all this 'intelligent horsemanship' and seen someone 'attempt' to do this on a pony of mine a few years ago.... lets just say it ended badly and i ended up with a pony worse than when the person stated! 2yr ago i had a stallion who was extremely nervous and the biggest hassle was with his mouth... biting was out of the question and worming was a battle.... after lots of different opinions etc someone mentioned my local RA to me and i thought... well.. last resort... can't get any worse right?!The big thing i can say if i wish i'd of got her out sooner as it was liking watching a light come on with my nervous little boy, and suddenly he was understand that what was being asked of him was not the terrible thing he had in his head! By using techniques shown to me my relationship with him grew and within a few short weeks i had a pony who would do anything for me just by using a different approuch to training.All my ponies are now IH trained and training them has never been so easy... i certainly recommend the RA's to anyone who asks and when commented how chilled out, nice minded and easy to work with my ponies are... my answer is simply natural horsemanship (and now, more recently introduced to me by Sarah Weston, clicker training... this has also worked wonders with a few of my ponies who before have been down right dangerous to work with in certain situations!)

Calekio on IHDG 5.7.08

Thanks Sarah, you're insights and pragmatic approach have been really useful to us. We are already seeing positive results. AH 7.7.08

I thought I would give you a quick update on Jester as I haven't seen you for a while. For the first time Maddy and I have been able to ride out together as opposed to me being on foot or bike or her with a neighbour's horse. Jester so far has not put a hoof out of place! My horse who is older much more street wise and not normally nervous has tried his best to scare Jester by being a bit silly near balloons children jumping into swimming pools and playing with hose pipes.Other horses passing in the opposite direction. Jester what balloon? Aah children playing with water oh yeah. I'm not saying he is a saint or that I would ever put a complete beginner on him and never a person who is very demanding who would pressurise him (not that he generally needs pushing) but he is a nice pony and is much loved by Maddy.
EB 9.7.08

Also went up to Lucy this morning took the fly mask off and on no problem. Put both the bridles on no problem and Dad couldent believe his eyes.He even did it himself. He thinks you're fantastic. X
CW 15.7.08

Just wanted to let you know that Joe was excellent at the show on the weekend. I took him in novice youth trail (we came 1st), novice youth horsemanship (3rd), novice youth showmanship (3rd) and novice youth pleasure (1st). A western trainer called Lucy who helped Lisa train Joe before the show took him in a few classes: jr horse trail (2nd), jr horse pleasure (2nd) and she also took him in the 4+ geldings halter class and he came 2nd in that which meant that he qualified for the geldings championship class and in that class he got reserve supreme champion gelding at halter. Then to conclude an extremely successful show he was awarded junior horse reserve supreme champion!
TB 15.7.08

Thanks for your report and another enjoyable session. I had told Eliza that you had said that if a horse exhales loudly it is releasing energy and that is good. She told me I had done really well because Petra had SNEEZED 17 times and she had counted!! Bless!!!
Your horse is lovely and a really kind teacher. She made me feel relaxed and that it wouldn't be diabolical if I got it wrong. I'm gonna give it a go with W-pony this weekend ! Watch this space!!
DS 16.7.08

He (Bryn Exmoor pony) is so beautiful and such a smart cookie, although at the time last November we wondered what we had taken on, he is transformed now and with no small thanks to you as I know without your guidence I think we would have really struggled. AD 22.7.08