Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10th December, 2008 Away Day

Yesterday I went up to Bicester to run a foal and yearling handling course with two ponies recently bought at the Beaulieu Road Sales. The little one, totally unhandled, proved to be very straightforward to work with but the 18 month old was more reticent. She has been through the sales yard twice already. Although she arrived with a headcollar on, she was very worried about anyone touching her head at all and would only let people in to work on her right hand side. By the end of our sessions she was accepting touch on both sides and starting to bring her head around to talk to us. Hopefully she will come round quickly now that she has met some gentle handling. I love the look in her eye as she chooses to engage with her owner for the first time.

It was also great to work with all IH people - all friends, no foe!

E-mail received 16.12.08 :
Thanks for your advice, the quarter rope worked well. Led them BOTH out to the menage yesterday, it was lovely for them to stretch their legs and have a play together. I think that they'll be out in the field with the others in no time.

E-mail received 8.1.09 (less than one month after the course)
The ponies are doing brilliantly, they're both really friendly and trot up to me in the field, I can't do anything without them both coming over to find out what's going on. They are out with the 'big' ponies which is an education in itself for them! They come in every day and are both eating hard feed.