Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10th December, 2008 Common theme

As I have said before, every week there seems to develop a common theme in my work. I have just received news that Cassie, the horse above, has been as good as gold for the dentist and the vet. In common with a lot of the horses I meet, she has an owner that is prepared to work with her quietly and consistently and to take advice when she feels she needs it. The horse has come a really long way from the nervous creature she was when she first arrived with Kim. I can take a little credit for helping with the last bit but it is the commitment of the owner that can really make a difference.

Today I have been back to see Zimbral and once again, his owner has done everything I would have asked of her and more and taken used her discretion as to which bits of the training are working for her (and him) and discontinued those bits that weren't. As a result, Zimbral is now working beautifully on long reins.