Friday, May 6, 2011

6th May, 2011 Taking precautions

Like most foals, 'Peechay' (which is Hindi for Let's Go Back), has very long back legs which need to straighten out over his first few days of life. It must be quite a squash to be folded up in side a Mumm's tummy. However, I was concerned that Peechay was leaning back too much and although his pasterns were not touching the floor, he wasn't standing with his toes to the ground. His Auntie Amy, at the Barn Veterinary Hospital suggested that I bring him and Nelly in so that his movement could be restricted just a little until either he straightened out or remedial action could be taken if needed. I'm pleased to say that he has continued to improve and should be perfect very soon. I think he is perfect anyway! Nelly is very pleased with the hotel where food arrives on time and in quantity. They should be able to go out into a paddock this morning.

Postscript: Guy the farrier had no concerns about the foal's feet today and he has been able to move into a paddock with his Mum (the foal, not Guy).