Saturday, May 7, 2011

7th May, 2011 Teddy's a Picnic

Teddy came in for work today and in just one hour we did a little loose schooling, some long reining and then Jenny got on board for the very first time. We felt that it was safest to work with Teddy in a small area as he is alright until he's not alright and then he has a tendency to leave. Today he accepted everything very calmly and we ended this session with him being ridden in large circles in both directions. We were all very pleased with his progress as this was his 8th session and we have worked through everything from groundwork to desensitisation and long reining on the way. Despite gaps of at least a week before appointments, he is at exactly the stage he would be if he had come in for training without having done much preparation before hand. In this way, the owner can do some useful homework in between sessions.