Thursday, November 17, 2011

17th November, 2011 A Weighty Issue

With 100 bales of hay in my shed delivered by Weight-Rose Direct last week, it has been tempting to start handing it out. But, as you can see from the top photo, it is still sun-bathing weather at Fritham and all Peechay needs to decide is the best position in which to sleep. With the grass still growing and green, there is certainly no need to feed Jack and Petra - if I don't use the winter against them, I'll be fighting the onset of laminitis as an Olympic event next summer. Even Chancer has a slight paunch. He and Nelly (who is still feeding Peechay) are currently in the field with longer grass so that they can stay topped up but again no hay until the really need it. Bluesy is decidedly podgy and is still out on the Forest with Brandy. Brandy, who is not my pony, is going to struggle this winter (yet again) unless I help her out - she's not a natural thriver and hasn't picked up even though her foal was taken off her abruptly at just under four months.