Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30th November, 2011 Team Works

Tilly's idea of how to pick up her back feet when requested bore a striking resemblance to the 'frock wafting' that goes on on Strictly Come Dancing. One session with the clicker, a bit of team work practice by her owner Susi and her husband and we were ready for the Matt the farrier to trim her feet just one week later. One of the things with Arab horses is that they tend to take over and say, "I know, I know..." before they really do know how to do something. By showing her what we wanted incrementally, and only rewarding that, she got a lot less wafty. Like my own farrier, Guy, Matt is a real find and I am so pleased that Guy doesn't mind me two-timing him. GOOD and KIND farriers are like gold dust.