Monday, November 21, 2011

21st November, 2011 This makes me wild...

An email from one of my frients (that's a nice friend who is also a client):

"I love hearing about how yours are doing on your blog.. your little foal is so adorable.  Its just so lovely to see the photos and how brave he is and chilled out about whatever you ask him. The yard I'm on has got some wild New Forest foals. I just have to cringe and walk away at their 'handling ways'. Its the tying them up to a brick wall because they're having a complete melt down at you being its stable and telling them off for being frightened babies technique. I just cannot stand and watch. I have had to learn to to keep my mouth shut though."

 When I know just how much pleasure can be got from taming a wild foal in the sensible, reasonable, successful and gentle way, it makes me wonder just what people get out of making it into a battle like this.