Wednesday, March 7, 2012

7th March, 2012 What a let down

There is only one thing I don't like more than being cancelled without good reason and that's letting a client down. Our cars seem to be engaging in a conspiracy at the moment so that if one breaks down the other one joins in. Only two months ago the MG broke down on the forecourt of the garage when we were collecting the other one from being mended. This time, the MG was already having his cam belt changed when the 4 x 4 started to over heat and the radiator started bubbling. I managed to nurse it home on a bottle full of Evian water but there was no prospect of getting all the way over to Arlesford. This was another date with Puck and company and Matt the farrier. The good news is that this gently pushed Puck and co's owners towards independence and they managed the visit beautifully without me. They were so delighted with how the ponies behaved and it has filled with them with confidence. Phew! All's well that ends well then.