Thursday, August 2, 2012

2nd August, 2012 Famous Faces

Up to Kelly's this afternoon to finalise some details for the current magazine and make plans for future editions. I took the opportunity to take some photos of her horses and Pie was having a lie down. Only one month to go before the magazine comes out this time and then on to the next one. We've got articles on clipping, horsey hormones, weaning foals and rare breeds. To make sure you get your copy, join IH today.

A bit of feedback on Annie, "I wanted to let you know that Annie had her first full bath today with shampoo and is now back in with the herd which I am so pleased about and she is letting me catch her so far - she even followed me half way down the field yesterday which is unheard of. Annie having / accepting a bath was amazing and a real break through as it was not only the touching of her she had to content with but also a sponge and water and I was so proud of her. I did the pressure on / off technique with the hose that you showed me and it really worked well." MR