Monday, February 13, 2017

13th February, 2017 Walking Tall

Thank you everyone for making such positive comments and wishing me well. I cried for most of yesterday afternoon and being unemployed does make me feel very odd indeed.

I am calling myself an author, although it may be like calling myself a marathon runner, I never did run one (although I did manage two halves). My book From Sober Dress to Sturdy Boots is almost finished and the sequel The Horses are Alright will be next….
Every morning I have to wade through a load of pain which has affected my energy and meant it was so much harder to switch it on and off when working with people and I was worried that I might eventually lose my patience. It has been very hard to turn my back on the horses but I just don’t have the emotional energy to keep going any more.
So, please, do me a favour, stand back from your horses, as if you were a painter, and remember what they are. A horse is just a horse, doing what he needs to do to survive in life. Then, turn and leave your emotions in a heap on the floor behind you (you can choose whether you pick them up when you leave the room). Pick up your brush and work out your perspectives. Be logical, have everything in your eye line. Tell yourself the truth. And then begin to paint with repetitive brush strokes, building up the picture with the best colours in your palette. Step away at regular intervals and calmly assess what you have created. Create a masterpiece from your horse, he is just the canvas and the paint, you need to be the artist.

Lorraine Morley A huge loss to the horse world in my opinion but totally respect your choice xxx
Erica Evans Oh goodness, you will be greatly missed!
Wendy Nias I am shocked and sad from a selfish perspective,it's always been a comfort to me to know you were out there doing your great work but I hope this means the start of an exciting new direction for you Sarah?
Alison Smithies Good luck with your future ventures. Glad I had the opportunity to learn so much about semi-ferals from you
David Downs Good luck with whatever you are doing next....
Debbie Vine Noooo!
Miriam Main You are amazing sarah and considering how much of yourself you pour into every client I'm not surprised. Feel very lucky Poison Ivy got to benefit from your expertise. Xx
Amanda Rennie I'm so saddened to read this. It must have been such a difficult decision for you. Thank you for all you have done , I'm so glad I got to meet you and work with magic. It's an experience I'll treasure. Good luck in whatever you choose next (pretty certain whatever it is you will rock it!) . Cant wait for the new book. xxx
Jen Major Sarah- I am saddened to read this. You are my biggest inspiration. So many people and ponies owe so much to you. You are amazing. x
Yann Matthews I'm a bit surprised and certainly sorry to hear this because I think you are rather wonderful at it and I'll always be very grateful for all the things you showed me and all the excellent discussions we had. But I certainly wish you all the very best for the next part of your journey, whatever it may be
Marilyn Aram You'll be so missed. You've made such a difference to so many horses lives, taught their owners, changed people's thinking and way of being around horses too. Those people, will in turn help others (owners and horses) thereby making life for so so many...
Karen Hardwick What a shock, You are one of the best, if not the best trainer I know. I hope you wont be giving up your horses, and that cheeky mule. Love and hugs Sarah. Hope you move through to your next stage in life with all the happiness you always create xxxx
Hannah Cowdry Sarah, you have quietly and carefully made the world a better place for thousands of horses and ponies. What a fabulous achievement. I'm sure this means you have something else interesting up your sleeve for your next chapter!
Debbie Alexander Sarah,saddened too hear this,you have helped my horse as well as so many others,you will greatly missed,I wish you every success in your next adventure.Thank
Linda Horwood Enjoy what ever you are going to do X
Gill Dixon Oh my Sarah. I'm shocked and saddened by this. But.... number one is always priority and I respect your decision. Lost for any more words, except a HUGE BIG THANKYOU FOR HOW YOU HAVE HELPED ME AND MY WILDIES 💞
Kim Turner Good luck in the next chapter and thank you so much for inspiring soooo many people and helping soooo many horses xx
Sun Sea Mallorca So sad to hear this. Good luck with whatever comes next!
Debbie Ware I wish you all the very best in the next chapter of your life thank you for being part of my horse journey x
Val Staveley What a wonderful contribution you have given to the horse world & a true inspiration. to everyone who knows you. I treasure your lovely book " No Fear No Force" it has helped me greatly with my " wild" Exmoors. My little wild girlie by your beloved Piper is a joy..... xxx
Amanda Lothian Your work will continue in your book as I found it invaluable when breaking my moor pony and getting him used to kind humans! Thank you and good luck
Hazel Southam You will be sorely missed. But whatever comes next, really good luck and happiness c
Pat Hale Good luck for the future ,only sorry we never met .pleased i have your book to help me ,always hoping for another book of yours xx
Nicki O'Mahony Saddened by this news Sarah. You have helped me so much with Maverick & I shall always be grateful for that. And of course for gorgeous little Peechay😊 xx
Donna McKenzie You will be missed, so grateful for your help and moral support. Please come and see us in the summer for chats and cake! xx
Sally Elizabeth Willoughby All the very best onwards to the next chapter xx
Caroline Ramsay Well, you have already done more in your lifetime to help all sorts of horses than can be measured... wishing you everything good in whatever you are doing next x
Donna Heys You have a true gift, Sarah. Best wishes and good luck with whatever it is you tackle next!
Sasha Whitaker It's exhausting work and I know how difficult and frustrating it can be. Not the horses but the clients. My partner often jokingly comments on how many of the good horses I get and how often I'm lucky with the horses I work. He's not a horse person but he see's the difference in the way I handle them to others, but it's a difference not many horsey people see. Love and Peace. Enjoy your new ventures xx
Wendy Day Gosh Sarah, that was a surprise to read I can't thank you enough for all you've done for me and my ponies right back ten odd years ago with the mad old forester Milly, you've given me the confidence to do things my way which is often seen to be very " the odd" with many, so thank you for all the inspiration and good luck for the future xx
Zoe Saari Good luck in your new adventures Sarah! X
Amanda Sareen We wish you the best of luck Sarah with whatever you plan to tackle next. You have been an inspiration to so many people to help them with their horses. xx
Liz Ekrem Noooooooooooo! What a loss this will be for us all. A huge Thank you for all your help & advice over the years. You've been a massive help. I'd love to pop over sometime & go for a run in the enclosure with your ponies & the ginger one & for a catch up some day soon. Xx
Bronagh Walsh For myself, I'm very sad about this, but for you I hope this will be the start of a new adventure. You've had a huge impact on the horsey world whatever you do next xx
Kerry Lamb I hope everything is ok.
I have only met you and the gang a couple of times but you made an impact. Stay in contact xxxxx
Dorothy Heffernan I hope you'll still be imparting your wisdom and good sense to the horse world even if you're not directly training, you would be greatly missed if you disappeared off the radar!
Amanda Seater Good luck for your future - a hard decision I am sure.
Deborah Knight Sad to read that....hopefully you can show me and elijah the way forward before you 'leave' us hun🤔 x
Lorraine Fry Oh Sarah what a tremendous shame for the horses, you have given your heart and soul to every client be it four legged or two - you will be missed but i wish you the best of luck in life's new adventure whatever it may be! Xx
Sheila Jones So many people and horses have had their lives turned around for the better because of your enthusiasm and commitment to the horse world - especially me! Thank you for your inspiration. I don't blame you for taking a step back. It's tough out there. Xx
Jacqui Tyler Sad to hear ... you are so talented and caring , thank you for your help in the past with the 'black beasty' semoto and pigs and last but not least baby Felix🐴🐎 good luck with all that you do in the future, I'm looking forward to seeing your new book😉 X
Kate Sandel I'm sure this was a really tough decision and you will be hugely missed by many in the horsey community. Good luck with the next stage of your adventures x
Zoe Chipman Wow, that was a shock to read!! You have done a fabby job with all the people and horses who you have met, and many who you haven't met, but have read your book. Keep imparting your wisdom hun, even if you do it in a different way than getting hands on. xxx
Kerry Lamb I just thought are you moving onto to camel training Sarah Weston😉
Helen Konstantelli Gosh, Sarah, that's quite some decision. I wish you all the very best, very much hope you are ok... and that we will still get updates from your herd? X
Kerry Newson In that case, this seems to be a good opportunity to say a MASSIVE thank you, not just for your help and advice with my wild-born pony, but all of them. On behalf of the little guys, the cheap and cheerfuls, the ponies that a lot trainers wouldn't both...See more
Kerry Newson P.S. I've been injured and out of action about the same amount of time as you (although not pony related) so if that had any bearing on your decision, I completely understand. Being out of action and having to rely on others can be pretty depressing.
Sarah Weston Logical Horsemanship I hope to keep the blog going Kerry. I hope you are well on the mend too.
Sandra Pollard Wow Sarah you will be geartly missed in the equine world - BUT personally I will never forget what you have taught us about the horse and how to look for the tell tell signs- especially the running foot and chewing -desensitization and taking time...
Sharon Yale Wow, I hope everything is alright. You were an inspiration to me all those years ago when you worked with me and Kennedy. Remember how frightened he was when you and Sheila worked to take his foal slip off? Kennedy would like to say a very big thank you and wish you all the best for the future xx
Nicole Golding Wow, a momentous decision. All the people and horses you have helped over the years will remain forever thankful, I'm sure. I'm glad it feels like the right decision for you. And your knowledge, expertise and experience will simply reach the world in a different way. xx
Kellie O'Shea Sarah I am sad to read this, not because I think you won't have made the right decision as I trust your judgement, but because the world of horse training will be a lesser place without you in it. Wishing you all the luck, happiness and success in the future.
Jo Scott You have been a friend even though we haven't met (yet!) and along with everyone else I would like to say thank you for sharing your wit and wisdom so freely. It must be a tough time but I hope you and your horses will stay safe, sound and happy whatever you do.xx
Bernadette Langfield I checked the date, thought it was one of those April joke things. Whatever you have chosen to do if you are only half as awesome as you are with the horses then you'll be brilliant. I'm pleased that your choice feels right. I'm happy that I know you. I'll love you forever. Please call in over coming years if you find yourself in the land of scouse. xxxx
Marjaana Batterbury Blimey Sarah, good on you! Live your dream! xxx
Margaret Quinn Evans You will be missed!
Jo Barnes Thank you for the help you gave us Sarah - wishing you all the very best of luck for the future xx
Kerrie Anne Birkett Thanks for the help with Rumble. I'm sure you will be missed by a lot of people x
Jane Born Good luck in your next venture x
Hope u are healing well x
Michelle Beck I can understand your reasons and I hope you will still be able to come over to our gang for cuddles xx
Kate Foster You will be missed. Good luck in your new projects xx
Rachel Green Thank you for all your help Sarah Weston x looking forward to reading the new book x I am a much better horse person for meeting you x if old clients are allowed to be current clients I would love to get you out once before you retire to do a session with my orphaned foal x
 Nicola Chamberlain Sarah, I'm sure you have your very good reasons but the decision must have been a hard one. Regardless, you will have made an indelible mark on the local horse community. Hope we can still catch up some time. Xx
Angie Taylor Such a shame you came out to me about 10yrs ago in Nursling with my mare molly who you worked with it don't know if you remember you used a porta loo from the old caravan there as a mounting block was funny and photos were took good luck to you Sarah think you will be missed by everyone you've helped xx
Bronwen Packham From all the horses, ponies and donkies who's lives you have improved dramatically - "Thank You" only just begins to cover it.💜
Sarah Royle Sarah your help with Kolinka a few years ago was invaluable. Thank you. I trust you will continue to keep us entertained with Henrietta's antics. Much love and best wishes for the future x
Ele Milwright Sarah your skills will be much missed. Wishing you all the happiness and success in whatever your future plans hold xxx
Sue Palmer Sad to hear 😞
Liz Falkingham I know it must have been a very difficult decision, but I wish you all the very best for the future (and hope you might be available for some writing.....!) x
Kirsty Cottrell What an amazing trainer you were as well, kind gentle thoughtful. Thank you and good luck for the future
Teresa Gubbins Couldn't have done it with out you x love Chance, crystal , Elsa , Tink and me xxx thank you so much and good luck with whatever your next venture will be xx Tuffin Although I've never had a pony with you, thank you so much for your phone call, about eight years ago to talk through my Exmoor's quirks, I have never forgotten the advice you gave me and how much it helped us (and he's still going strong!) and of course more recently your help with my fictional Spanish pony! Good luck with the future xx
Jane Matthew Sorry to hear this! Beat wishes though for your future endeavours.x
Debbie Oulton Oh no! Sorry to hear that, what's the new career.....
Melissa Barnes This will be a huge loss to the horsey world. You have helped me understand so much with Leo and set us on the right track! We will see you before you finish x
Roz Mather You will be sorely missed. X
Donna Louise Barker Sad to hear and a big decision for you. Good luck in your new career x
Maddie Spake Very grateful for all your help you really made a big difference to mum and i and the ponies we have now, im glad that its a relief️xxx
Emma Lewis The horse world will be a lesser place without you there to guide us all, but I don't doubt that you have made the decision for very good reasons. Wishing you all the best with whatever new direction you are taking. Xxxx
Tamie Jones OMG sad to hear this you are a natural. I would never had believed in myself and oli if it hadn't had been for you!!!
Andrea Durham Your favourite ice cream & I wouldn't be where we are today without you. Thank you for everything & love, luck & every happiness with your new life path Honorary Caulkhead! xXx
Natasha Herman Undoubtedly a difficult one for you Sarah but God bless you for all the wonderful difference you have made in the lives of people and their horses - keep well and enjoy life with your animals! x
Melanie Jolliffe Well I am very glad I had the opportunity to have yr help with Scooby's farrier phobia. Thank you x
Debrah Bates This is so sad x
Sheri Start Wow good luck Sarah in your next life adventure. Hope our paths cross again. X
Gill Dixon Oh my Sarah. I'm shocked and saddened by this. But.... number one is always priority and I respect your decision. Lost for any more words, except a HUGE BIG THANKYOU FOR HOW YOU HAVE HELPED ME AND MY WILDIES💞 Good luck with whatever you do next xx
Sarah Viney I am very sorry to hear this Sarah, you have been brilliant helping me to help my horses. I hope you find much peace and happiness in whatever you do next. Kettle is always on, and you are always welcome, take care. Xx
Vanessa Lawrence Oh, goodness, what a tough decision. Thinking of you xx
Alice Tamanya The horse world will definitely miss you, but Orca and I will be eternally grateful for all you did for us. Take care of yourself xx
Heather Moffett Oh gosh Sarah. But wish you all the best for the future. Have to confess that the same thoughts have been running through my own mind of late. Just working out how I can change my life to achieve it!
Louise Chappell I for one will sadly miss you and your guidance that has been valuable, your a very special person Sarah and wish you luck in your new adventure whatever it may be xx
Tamsyn Hirshfield Sarah that's is such big news. . Me and my horses have been so Blessed to have had you in our lives. I know Arash especially. Lots of love in the future. Your have a true talent with horses. Big hugs
Kate White Mixed feeling reading's been a real comfort reading your blog, picking up ideas and knowing there is a brilliant local trainer when we need you. It makes me a little sad that you won't be be there to fall back on now. I am however happy that you are happy and wish you all the best in your next adventure x
Sandra Chapman It's not April fools day is it? Are you serious? Oh boy. Wow. Shocked. You've helped so many horses and so many owners, your contribution to happy horse world has been emnense. Congratulations for all you've achieved and thank you.
I'll send you a photo of iona and honey when we're winning our first show!
Much love xxxxx -I know how you love all that gooey stuff lol!😊
Michelle Race Good luck with your new path and thank you for all your help you definitely will be missed by horses and riders.... Xx
Lorraine Luke Good luck with whatever your new path may be Sarah. You leave behind you a world of happier, healthier horses /owners behind who were fortunate enough to meet you. Xx
Caroline Marsh Omg wow massive leap ..good luck with new adventures xxx
Sue Hunt So sorry to hear this😢 but wish you every happiness for whatever you take on in the future xx ps please keep us updated with Henrietta xx
Catherine Ghebeh Thank you for all your help with my horses your methods of teaching will always be cherished and put to work. Wishing you the best love Catherine and Sky
Caroline Wilkins Oh no! I wasn't expecting that at all. On a purely selfish level, how on earth will I ever ride TigerLily again without your steadying hand and reassuring presence?!!! I literally don't trust *anyone* else! But you will be widely missed I am certain.
Nikki Woods A big loss to the world of horse training but I wish you every success for the future. Xx
Angela Aylett You will be very missed xx now it's time to play with your lovely furry family as mush as you like xx
Louise Cheeseman Oh no Sarah, I'm sure it did take a lot of soul searching, but I wish you all the best for the future, none of us go on for ever😒
Maria Cave You helped some of my friends with her ponies and when I was having a problem with a rescue they came to my help and showed me what you had shown them. It's so sad but we do still have your books to read. I wish you all the very best
Vicky Hone Aw no Sarah wish you all the best, I'm now doing the courses so big change for me too. But I'll never fill your shoes x
Karen Stevens Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours.. tough decision, glad you feel the relief xx
Alessandra Savoca Thank you, thank you and a million more thank yous. You MADE Philly, Herbie and Memphis and we credit them with you. Wishing you luck for the future xxx
Sarah Smart Sad to hear but would just like to say having you to help me with Fir was the best , I know was only a few sessions but I learnt so much about my horse and myself, you give confidence and so fantastic with horses. Not enough but Thank you so much x
Rachel Dawkins Wow, what a big decision, but clearly the right one for you. Thank you so much for your help with Denys and, more recently, Alf. Every time I'm spending time with my horses I always have your words of wisdom in my head!
Nicola Porter I wish you all the best for the future. Thank you very much for helping me with my forester "Merrie", quite a few years ago now, and with my friend Pats Shetland recently. She was so grateful. Little Magic has found a lovely new home now. x
Tara Potter Sad to read this as you are truly a gifted trainer of horses and people and the horse world will be worse off without you. But good luck with your next adventure x
Kathryn Hulland Wow what a tough decision that must have been. So many horses so much better off over the years thanks to you. Good luck in your next chapter!! Xxxx
Jenny Crouch A big decision to make, as is any change in career, and a very brave one too. Well done for doing what is right for you xx
Zoey Rebecca Lee Sarah Weston I am so sad to hear this. I must say you are an absolute inspiration to me and the couple of times I had you out I learnt so much from you & your attitude towards horses is one that more people should adopt. I'm gutted you won't be able to come & meet Mitsi as you would have loved him. Enjoy your retirement though xxx
Sari Maydew Oh gosh, Sarah, that must have been a tough decision to make. I wish you all the best on whatever path you travel down next. Thank you for everything you've done - there are many happy horses and humans who owe it all to you.
Bridget Colston Can I say without upsetting you that on a purely selfish level I am absolutely gutted to hear this. You have been one of my biggest inspirations in my own journey through horsemanship training and I quote you often. You will be sorely missed by the horse world xxxx
Nichola Nelson I'm still in shock and lost for words, lovely lady and fantastic advice I couldn't have asked for more. You will be missed by all of us that's for sure. Who an earth will embarrass Paul now lol.
Cathy Witt Sad to hear sarah. you are amazing at your job,enjoy your next adventure whatever that might be x
Jenny Allport Oh wow that's so sad. I am indebted to you for helping me with Jane and helping me make my first step into horse ownership. Can't wait to hear your next adventures
Louise Austin Rubbish but exciting at the same time! Good luck with your new projects xxx
Lorraine Dearnley Thank you for all your help and advice over the years. You have opened my eyes to other ways of working and I will always be grateful to you for that. You are always welcome here as a friend and good luck in the future, from me and all the equines. Xx
Hilary Miles Things will be different....I agree, but I don't think for a second that you will stop helping or passing on your knowledge. Good luck in your next journey Sarah. Whatever you do will be great! Xx
Nicola Vercoe Well you have helped many people with thier ponies including myself, you will definitely be missed, best wishes for the future😊😊😊
Amanda Stock What you have helped both people and ponies achieve will never be forgotten. See you soon. Well done for being brace enough to make the decision xx
Tabitha Twidale Wouldn't be where I am today with Magic and Merlin if you hadn't been there in the early days. Will never forget the castration day. You were amazing. Good luck with what ever your future holds. Xx
Joy Main Thanks Sarah for being an inspiration. After trying a lot of 'methods' it was your Handling the Wild Foal course that showed me that I wasn't looking for a 'method' at all, but a way of being. Your telephone advice has been invaluable and I wish I live...See more
Kate Latty Boe I'm so sorry to read this Sarah, but wishing you good luck for your next chapter. You've put so much into training and changed the lives of so many horses and their owners, but I'm sure it's been hard work. You should be very proud of all you've achieved xxx
Char King Your advice has been a god send from when I was at horse world. Sad to see this, but glad so many horses got to work with your methods. Good luck along your next path xxxx
Claire Ryall We still remember the session you came and spent with us a few years ago - thankyou.
Avril Spake Thank you for the lovely days and extra help over the last few years - we learned a great deal xxxx
Heather Wilcox Oh Sarah, what timing! I am in the process of buying a small holding in Wales). Eventually hoping to be able to have a pony, and will never forget the times I accompanied you, and witnessed the truly inspirational gentle way you have with horses. Your book will be by my side, and put to good use I'm sure! Enjoy the next phase of your life, all the very best. XX
Rebecca Louise Sarah Weston, I was fortunate to be one of your last clients and to have the pleasure of being guided in the right way. I guess a debilitating accident pushes us to make some hard decisions about our future direction and I'm sure you have put much thought and consideration to this. I'm fortunate I will be one who can use your services in future. Good luck with the new book and keep in touch.💕🐴 xx
Anita Beasley We didn't actually meet but thank you for telling how to put my cobweb brush to much better use😉
Joyce Mrozielski You have given us all ALOT! I'm sure you will find another way because you have a heart of gold.
Sarah Buckland I'm pleased for you but sad too. You helped me about ten years ago with my two NF colts in Bath, and I was so impressed and found it such an emotional experience. I hope you're going to continue amusing us on your fb page though!
Jo Monck You have been so fantastic with Durante and me, and so much help to so many people, huge thank you from me and Dut. Whatever you do next I just know is going to be great and can't wait to read your new book xx
Jackie Hall I can only echo what others have already said. I wouldn't have got where I am with my three without you Sarah Weston. I always think it's not so much horse training as people educating and as has already been said you are an inspiration. You made me see so many things differently. Didn't always get it first time. Love to you, David and all the equines. And many thanks to Tracey and Julie xxx