Saturday, February 4, 2017

4th February, 2017 Sincere Thanks and Apologies

My sincere apologies for things being so quiet on here lately. Storm Doris did for any work that I had lined up for the week and even though the weather has improved today, the forecast was useless and the two owners I was due to see hadn't had chance to practise much over the week.

My sincere thanks go to Frazer and Mark at in Southampton (Mount Pleasant Industrial Estate) this morning, and earlier on the telephone, for their excellent customer service, and help in finding some metal which is going to be fastened to one of Henrietta's plinths. The hope is that the roughness of the metal will help to abrade her feet, especially if I place it somewhere she has to cross in order to get to her hay. When the ground dries up I am going to get some more abrasive stone to put in the yard so that can work on them too.


Frazer and Mark: ***** star customer service!
I have created a little chart of the things that I have achieved with Henrietta over the last eighteen months, which she would probably assert is what she has achieved with me.

Without sounding like the Oscars, I need to continue to give my grateful thanks to Tracey for looking after the horses during the week, and to David for the weekends. As from today I can drive and so they'll both be off the hook for a bit.

On the way home we saw these two ponies, sunbathing, and casually drawing attention to a very important sign.