Thursday, October 25, 2007

25th October, 2007 We pulled it off; well actually we put it on

The first Handling the Wild Pony course since the spring has now been fixed for 19th and 20th November and we will have four youngsters to work with including a Connemara Foal (don't know how that got in there!). Today Liz Pitman (hopefully the next RA for Essex) spent the day working with me. We shipped the grey foal and his little mate (seemed a shame to leave him behind) over to Ann's and then worked with the Godshill Ponies again. By the end of the day Liz was leading the two year old around and putting it's headcollar on over and over again without any trouble at all.

Footnote: Leo the bay foal got kicked by another one on New Year's Eve and had to have his poor jaw wired back into place. Fingers crossed that the operation has worked.