Tuesday, October 9, 2007

9th October, 2007 Between the devil and the deep blue sea

When I was a Court Clerk, I thought the best test of my neutrality was whether both the prosecution and defence were equally happy or unhappy with the handling of a case! With horse training, I think I might be hitting the right spot when both the BHS traditionalists and the clicker training advocates find favour with my techniques. The ends do not justify the means in horse training and there is a tricky balance between being soft and being effective; being kind and being practical. Recently I felt fairly intimidated by another horse trainer who was playing the est game. This is the one where they have worked with the most ponies in the quickest time. At the same time I was being watched carefully by the people who owned the ponies who were very anxious to make sure that the ponies were not stressed in the slightest. Here are the latest reviews:

My daughter and I thought that Sarah understood our pony and his needs extremely well and kept us well informed and at all times we believe she did her best for him. I thought that Sarah helped our pony through a very difficult time and he has come out the other side a very brave pony, we know his limits and we know he is a lifetime project but we also know that she is at the end of the computer or a telephone call when and if we need her help.
Evaluation form from EB 24.9.07

Hi Sarah, I have picked your brains in the past about my Exmoor mare Honey, and you have been very helpful.
LK 28.9.07

Hiya Sarah, I hope you've had a good week. I worked C-horse Tuesday and Wednesday focusing on the things that we had talked about and he as already shown an improvement including in the school and on the yard!
MW 28.9.07

Hi Sarah, Anyway I am so desperate to tell you!! My Equine dentist came yesterday. (She) told me that Kelly Marks thinks you are one of the best horse women around….. I was beside myself for you. It just confirmed what I know about you, you are brilliant.
Hearsay from KH 3.10.07

Sarah is a very approachable person with such a positive outlook towards all problems. Her man-management is second to none, she knows just how to make you feel at ease. She demonstrates her methods and explains things so well. We received an email with a summary within hours of her leaving, it’s just an amazing personal service. I will not hesitate to recommend her and will be looking forward to having her out again, even just for a day’s fun playing with the horses!
Evaluation from report from TB 6.10.07

Sarah has been a godsend for me and my horse. With her help and guidance myself and my horse have formed an amazing bond.It has been a slow process given the problems O-horse had when I took him on given the abuse he had suffered through others ignorance but we have come so far and I am 100% sure this is down to Sarah’s help and her love of horses. I have never met anyone like Sarah and her way of working makes complete sense to me – more so than anything else I have ever been taught. I wish I knew years ago what Sarah has taught me. Sarah is always on the end of an email if I hit a stumbling block and always has time to answer questions and offer advice. The change in my horse has been amazing and I have no doubt that our relationship will go from strength to strength in the years to come thanks to Sarah!
Evaluation form from EC 9.10.07