Saturday, June 28, 2008

28th June, 2008 Reflections

I have sort of had a week off this week but made use of my newly discovered gardening hormones and also helped to build a wall. I did however keep working with an Anglo-Arab mare with a real fear of trailers where she needed some continuity. Fortunately I have reached a point now where the owner can load her and practice before I go back next week and hopefully dispense with the panels and put the ramp up for the first time. She is now relaxed about contact with the front and back bars and is much happier about the partition now that she has a rug to wear (chestnut horses do have thinner skins).

I don't know whether the credit crunch is having an effect on my clients but for the moment I am holding my prices. I have just received a flyer from another horse trainer who is charging £199 for a one day clinic per horse with a maximum of three horses! I charge £120 in total for a five hour clinic for up to four horses. In any event I am always generous with my time and information and always provide a full written report of the work that we have done.