Friday, February 13, 2009

13th February, 2009 Purple Rain

These days are so hard to bear. Darling Raine was put down today. I was so fond of this little horse when she was born 18 years ago. She was utterly humanised and yet utterly polite. I gave her to my Mum when she was four because she had the temperament of a police horse and was safe for my Mum to ride.
It's been a fantastic week until now. Monday with Rachel and Athena, Tuesday out with a little Connemara cross who was a delight under his grumpy exterior. Chancer was a really good boy for Kate 'the Chiro' on Wednesday, rocking backwards and forwards under her massaging hands and yesterday I worked with a spotty pony who was half New Forest and half Appaloosa and such a clever girl. This morning I was taught how to apply a dentistry gag so that I can help to prepare horses for a visit from the dentist and this afternoon I worked with gorgeous Zimbral, the Lusitano stallion again. Got home to this call though......