Saturday, February 21, 2009

21st February, 2009 Penguins

While I have been working my socks off, or at least getting them damp and muddy, David has been working in the Falklands. 23 hours there, 23 hours back for approximately 2 hours' work. Very odd. Still, he got to see these wonderful creatures and I am very jealous.

I have been to see two vet phobic ponies this week and got both of them accepting mock injections using clicker training. When the vet arrived at the first one he wondered what all the fuss was about and we had to explain that Archie used to take one look and leave. Olivia and I had an excursion to Lyndhurst on Tuesday where there is a brilliant shop with all sorts of things you can use to de-sensitise horses. I bought two massive plastic windmills, a windsock and a football to amuse them.
Friday night was Monty night. Monty looks unbelievably fit and well. He worked with a total of five different horses from 6 p.m. through to 10 p.m. and signed books and answered questions all through the interval.