Sunday, February 1, 2009

1st February, 2009 The Herd Social Event

Despite freezing conditions, over 30 members of the Herd turned up for our social event at Verwood today. Our lovely hosts, Les and Ann, kindly loaned us their log cabin (we would all have died of hypothermia if we hadn't had it) and we only had to endure one hour out in the cold while I worked with Eva, their 7 month old Icelandic filly. I was able to do a whistlestop tour of the foal handling technique as she is pretty friendly already and demonstrate how to go about putting a first halter on without fear or force. I was also able to demonstrate the use of clicker training to do the same task so that people could compare and contrast the two techniques. We finished off with some leading and foot handling. I find it difficult to gauge how things have gone while I am in full flow but by all accounts it all went well. Shame the car decided to break down on the way home......!