Wednesday, October 28, 2009

28th October, 2009 Like a rainbow...

Sailed across the sea by Wightlink on Monday to work with Floyd and Wouter. Good to know that Floyd hasn’t bitten anyone since my last visit. As well as doing some groundwork with him and ridden work with Wouter, I was invited to watch Floyd discriminate between grey and coloured squares. Carol ran this as a full experiment in 2007 to try to discover which colours horses can “see”. Floyd is rewarded for picking out the coloured board from a selection of different shades of grey. He picked out blue very easily but struggled with magenta. Carol points out that there is a world of difference between a range of colours that we lump together as say, blue, and Floyds ability to pick out the colour amongst the grey varies with the different shades within the same colour. Carol has also given me a full set of the results so if anyone is interested in what she did and how she did it, you can contact me in the first instance. She's promised to try it out on Jack next year.

"We really appreciate the thoughtfulness and care you put into your work with horses and their humans." CO 28.10.09