Wednesday, October 28, 2009

28th October, 2009 Loaded.....

This morning it was off down to Wimborne to load a Thoroughbred mare called India who was coming home from her loan home. When she moved there in the first place, she wouldn't load and had to be ridden the 25 miles from one place to the other. Given that we didn't have the time or the facilities for a full training session, it was a matter of loading her this morning and making time for some further training on another occasion. Nevertheless, it was really important to be as calm and organised as possible and to make sure it was as good an experience as it could be. It was great to see India standing like the Queen of the Castle at the top of the ramp just before it was closed up. She apparently travelled well and I received this e-mail from her owner this evening:
"Hi Sarah, thank you so much for your work with India this morning. She unloaded like a pro!! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends."