Sunday, June 26, 2011

26th June, 2011 All About Scotland (1)

Back from Scotland, 2,800 miles on the clock and some fabulous memories. We started off by calling in on Sue Whitmore, in Northamptonshire and meeting her lovely Lusitanos. Her stallion Uranio is a sweety. Next off to Silverstone to see the practice day for the MotoGP - great to see all my heroes, Vali, Simoncelli, Lorenzo and Stoner. Thre's something about the way they ride their bikes as if they are part of their own body just like good horse riders (but a slightly different style and somewhat quicker!)

In the Lake District we found a herd of horses (I doubt they were lost) at the top of a hill. Then some very friendly Shires on the way to Selkirk.

This gorgeous dog was on guard at a garage in Beattock where we had to have the alternator belt tightened (a complicated procedure). By the time we left she was great friends.