Tuesday, June 28, 2011

27th June, 2011 I will work for 15 hours and I will work for 15 more...

Early start yesterday catching up on e-mails and then starting work on the Listening Post. Then it was off to meet Nick en route to my appointment with Anna. I first met Anna last year when she needed her feet trimming really badly. 11 years old and untouched, she responded very well to the No Fear, No Force technique. Unfortunately the plans I made for her continuing care didn't work out and her feet had been neglected again. It was pleasing then that she had forgotten nothing of her training and within an hour she was happily wearing a pink headcollar and had her feet trimmed. She was anxious to show me where all the flies were so that I could help to swat them! Her owners have committed to a fixed plan of six weekly visits from me and the farrier so that this situation should not arise again.

I checked up on my horses before going back home then for more Listening Post before heading off to see Beau and Champ. Champ was ridden off the lead rein in the field for the first time and Beau had the opportunity to try on potential saddles. Back home once more to write up my appointments and to fix some more and then start on the Listening Post again. Silent Witness at 9 p.m. and then bed!!