Sunday, June 26, 2011

26th June, 2011 All About Scotland (2)

I think David may have got bored looking at horses. He started to play 101 things you can do with Sarah's neck rest. Other highlights of the tour were the little donkey being kissed and cow-licked over the wall. Then the most amazing coloured horse I have ever seen!

We had a few hairy encounters - first of all with a couple of Cairn terriers at the B and B in Dunoon and then meeting a herd of Highland cattle on a mission next to Loch Awe. I have today found out that they are the Cladich Fold of Highland Cattle. In the middle of the photo is Sheila Beg, a three year old heifer and with her is Aonghas (the bull!). On the left of the picture is a four year old cow, Gheilder Ruadh 17th. They knew just exactly how long their horns are and didn't poke me in the ribs as they went by. (Isn't the internet amazing for being able to contact people and apparently cows? I got sent a moo this morning!)