Friday, September 9, 2011

9th September, 2011 By George Part II

I received this lovely email from George's owner today. 
"So far it is going really well, he was getting on really well with the head collar so I decided to see what happened when I tried to put it on outside! Again using the clicker technique I started in the small paddock and then in his field! Since Sunday I have been leaving the head collar off completely and have successfully been able to put it on everyday so far so good! Also the clicker technique has enable me to get George to trot with me too!!" CG
Brave George
I am going to be away for a week now as I am visiting Theoden in Sussex and reading a lot of books. Also hoping to work with Graylie and Pep. I'll keep notes...

E-mail received 19.9.11:
"No headcollar is going great there is absolutely no hassle whatsoever anymore, the headcollar doesn't seem to be too scary.  I am still trying to introduce George to  more and more things every time I go up there now.  I used the umbrella again but this time with it up over Dad's head and he was fine with it and I have been trying to desensitise him to having things on his back. I started off with a little blanket scrunched up and rubbing it all over his body and at the end of the week I put it on his back and took it off again. He seemed pretty happy, so I opened it out a little bit more so it was slightly over both sides of his back and we did a tiny circle around the field, and he was great.  I am going to continue doing this, making the walk bigger, and also opening the blanket up even more.

So far so good, he is doing great I can't get over how much he has improved with in the last 2 weeks - it is incredible." CG