Tuesday, September 25, 2012

25th September, 2012 Cherry on the cake

I am so pleased to be able to put this little photofest on here today. Not wanting to tempt fate (or anything like it!) V's owner asked me not to make her pictures public for a while but today told me to go ahead. This little grey Arab is a delight to work with- very very bright with a lot of character in a good way. Her owner worked in a thorough and thoughtful way to get her to the point where she could be started and since she has started to ride her has proved to have an excellent seat and a quiet and calm attitude. It's so important for there to be trust between me and the owner/ rider when doing this type of work.

First time on board. 

Long reining in the field

Checking out the pole

Off the lead rein in an early session

Just because she is gorgeous

The box used as a good place to suggest and perfect halt

Early steering work

One of the first rides out on the Forest - she is now off the lead rein

Early trot