Sunday, September 9, 2012

9th September, 2011 Bedrock

This is the plan

We're going down there

..and through that

...along there...

...and over lots of these.
Made it

What sensible people do as Santa Colobra

Most of our holiday was entirely restful but as thank you for helping her, Xanthe arranged for us to go on adventure walk with the Experience Mallorca company whose founder she has been helping with her horse (this system works well!). Joining up with a small group and a guide, we walked just 6.5 kms in four hours and twenty minutes but what a walk! The Torrentes de Pareis runs from Escorba to Santa Colobra, from the Tramuntana mountains down to the sea, across some very challenging and beautiful terrain. Much of the descent is across boulders and has to be negotiated with care and energy and rather at lot of time spent slithering along on your bottom! I wouldn't have missed it for the world however, as I write this three days later, I am still walking with the action of a triangle wearing flippers and my planned participation in the 10 km Little Wishford Run has gone by the board.

It's great to be appreciated and motivates me to keep going. There are times when I seem to bend over backwards to help people, only one or two, who then seem to want to push me over and walk on me. Sadly these are the ones that make me think about giving up and certainly being less inclined to be generous with my time, training and equipment. I have to work out whether I stop being so generous or stop being hurt when it is taken for granted – yet another boulder field to negotiate then! I am in the fortunate position where I could stop work and just concentrate on my own but I still really enjoy training horses, coaching owners and resolving problems for them.