Sunday, January 13, 2013

13th January, 2013 Rough 'n' Tumble

Today I embarked on the 10 mile Rough 'n' Tumble race with some trepidation. Not only would I be able to do it but would I be injured on the way?

11 o'clock start and already I'm not at the front....can you see me. Don't look 'cos I can't!

Ah, there I am. Loving every minute of it even though there was some really thick and slippery mud and some very steep hills both up and down....

There's a reason why it's called the Rough 'n' Tumble.

Coming through the finish after 2 hours and 3 minutes and I seem to be all in one piece, although just to make sure, I do my stretches leaning on the St. John's Ambulance vehicle.

All that for a (rather beautiful) medal and a large helping of cake. Competitors are not allowed to go until all the cake has gone!