Tuesday, August 13, 2013

13th August, 2013 Bushcraft

A slightly quieter day today since Theoden and I went for a lesson this morning. Round trip this takes three hours for a one hour session but was well worth it. It allows me to socialise Theoden with other horses as they are working and we also learn something too. However, my key learning point this week is that Western riders by their jeans 4" too long so that you can''t see their socks when they're riding.

My major priority for the last year with Theoden has been to get him out hacking, enjoying himself and going forward. With another clinic with Amanda Barton looming, I realise that I have got a lot of work to do to achieve the same in a school where he feels stuffy and resentful. To be honest, anything more than hacking is a bonus so if I have to settle for what I have got, I will.

Even with the poles on the ground it all feels like a bit of an effort.
This afternoon the plan had been to take Sampson out on another trailer ride and Forest walk but when the opportunity came to turn him out with a five year old pony, Theresa jumped at it. Since the two years olds that he was in with all left Sampson has been back in with the old fogies. Lovely as they are they don't teach him anything because they are so relentlessly benevolent to him no matter how provocative he is. Now he can have another wild adventure with his new field mate and they can play Cowboys and Indians and Hide and Seek all day.