Tuesday, August 6, 2013

6th August, 2013 Lindy and Indy et al

Another day at 'the office' then and four horses to work with. 17.1 hh Trakhener Hanoverian cross Hanna needed some leg handling work to draw a distinction between when we want her to keep her feet down and when we want her to pick them up. The extendable feather duster saves my back although I still had to stretch to give her a kiss

Next it was time to take Jazz and Indy out on the Forest for a confidence walk. Although she had company, Jazz was asked to take the lead and proved herself to be brave and curious. A good combination.

Indi was pretty fearless too although she gave the ditch plenty of clearance....

And finally Sampson had his first road journey and went for a walk around the same course all on his own. He's a pretty exceptional young horse, frightened of nothing and always interested in something new. It's going to be hard to keep him occupied for the next couple of years before he is eventually ridden. We're going to need to be one step ahead all the way.

"Sarah can I just say what a privilege it is to work with you with Sampson and that you have made such a difference to my thoughts on training and how I think and behave with both my horses. You are an inspiration and a pure pleasure to work with both in pilates and horsemanship. I really hope that we have a very long and fulfilling relationship/friendship from this union." TH