Thursday, August 1, 2013

1st August, 2013 The Model T Horses

Tracey was told she could long-rein any colour of horse this morning "as long as it's black". Indiana started to earn her keep and even though she is the most over-indulged pony when it comes to the other horses she proved to have a little worth ethic and to accept direction. As this was her first time, she was the ideal candidate to show Tracey how to prepare her own horse for long-reining. 

Both horses wore a cooler to keep the flies off them while they worked. The insects today were vicious and as soon as the session was over the horses went straight back into the cool depths of the Nissen hut.

"I would like to thank you, Petra and Indiana very much for my first long-reining lesson. I really enjoyed the morning despite us all being under attack from those bugs! Petra is a sweet heart and very patient with me, I know she was desperate to get back to shade! I went to see Bella after I left you and it was all fresh for me. She behaved beautifully, walked to the school like she'd done it every day forever dragging our long line behind us! We worked through all the preparation exercises and Bella was a star, I did get to the point where I tried to see if Bella would go ahead of me, like Indiana did so beautifully, and I do believe if she could have laughed she would have, oh well next time, she was amazing I couldn't be more pleased."TP