Friday, September 20, 2013

20th September, 2013 On the Buses

It's been a busy day from start to finish today what with more lessons, travelling Theoden to his next stop and picking up Nettles. Theoden is learning to follow his nose without bracing and there is no doubt whatsoever that clicker is helping with his attitude to this. When we left it out for a while, sorting out how to set up a particular exercise, Theoden became most disheartened and only perked up again once we restored it. Whoops!

Forwards, backwards and side-to-side...

Next Charly had a lesson on Lorraine's Hobbit - lovely to see the other Tolkien brother in action again.

Nettles positively skipped on to the trailer and seemed to be delighted to be amongst his friends again. Charly and I are looking forward to completing his education. Slowly but surely.

My last stop was nearer to home with Oscar's final motorbike session. His field mates were completely unperturbed by the bike and the good news is that Oscar is now able to stand still while the bike overtakes him in any direction. The intermediate clicks ask him to stand still while the bike goes by and three clicks means that he has been brilliant and can have his treat.

Jacqui's shopping arrived just after we had finished and I think Oscar thought it was his own private horse-box since the sign writing was most apt...

Poor David was knocked off his bike by a motorist this week (unable to see him in his hi-viz gear!). Fortunately it was a slow speed accident and David had all his protective gear including his leathers. Even better he was being followed by a First responder who as well as avoiding running him over, made sure that he was taken good care of and went off to the hospital pretty promptly. Luckily he was uninjured, if a little stiff, but the bike needs some repairs to its near side.