Saturday, January 18, 2014

18th January, 2014 Beyond the Wire

We've had a terrific day with eleven fire officers coming over for training and taking the horses out and about on the Forest to negotiate all sorts of terrain (mostly muddy and wet) and all sorts of obstacles (mostly muddy and wet). Days like these give the officers so much confidence in handling horses. Unlike the horses used for their initial training ours are not always quiet and predictable. The youngsters can ask a lot of questions and horses like Theoden will make their feelings known if things don't go according to plan. It's a great opportunity to practice handling techniques and body language and sometimes to challenge some of the standard techniques taught through the BHS.

I couldn't run the course without the help of my friends so thank you to Tracey, Amy, Alison, Liz, Hilary, Lorraine, Wendy, Yvonne (all the way from Guildford!), Craig, Kelly and Ross and extra ponies Zack and Buddy. The good news is that they would come again!

"Sarah thank you do much for allowing me to help this morning, not that I was much help my fireman was much more competent than me!! Really nice to be reminded of all the techniques you use, love to do it again !!!" WD

"Amy is still chatting on about the fantastic day today, I have to agree with her you really are the most inspiring trainer." TP

"We all thoroughly enjoyed the morning with you all thank you." AJ (one of the fire officers)

"I really enjoyed my afternoon in the forest, and all the feedback I got back from everyone that attended, was that is was well worth while and very enjoyable. I think the confidence levels of these firefighters have improved drastically." AK, Crew Manager, Animal Rescue

Indy offers to be caught. We did wonder if it might rain all day but fortunately it held off most of  the time.
Helpers and the fire officers from the morning session watch the catching demo.

Neil catches Rose. She has never been caught by a man before.

Leading practice with Alison

Lorraine's Zack did a guest appearance. He soon settled in and was very brave.

Theoden going over the tarpaulin with John

Bella going over the see-saw with Dominic

Paul seems very pleased to have been partnered with Zack

Rosie, the smallest pony, goes over the bridge widthways, with Andy, the tallest fire officer

John and Theoden take it to the bridge

The ponies were not allowed to play with the fire engine.

Setting off on the forest trail

zack proved to be all terrain

Theoden put in a huge jump over the ditch stream taking John by surprise

The log is less challenging

Rosie goes through the stream

Coming home via the driftway - we counted them out and we counted them in.