Wednesday, January 1, 2014

1st January, 2014 Raindrops KEEP falling on my 'ead

Whilst most right thinking members of society were having a very long lie in this morning before perhaps venturing out to top up their horses' hay, going back home and lighting a good fire, Jo and I were off to London with Patrick Kempe and the iconic Tetua to take part in the New Years's Day Parade. Needless to say we got drenched.

The pouring rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of the participants although there was an inordinate amount of polythene on show and, by the end of the day, an extraordinary number of deformed umbrellas littered the streets.

Whilst Jo was Official Photographer for all of "All the Queen's Horses", I was trying to cover the Iberian team. Sloshing water and condensation coupled with poor light made some of my photos more artistic than I had intended.

Patrick was his normal gregarious self and the whole team kept smiling and waving throughout despite being half frozen.

The Bolivian dancers must have wondered what they had come to but some nifty foot work kept them a bit warmer.

Patrick took a little time out to pay his respects at the Cenotaph.

Team photos along the Mall and at Horseguards Parade....

...and outside Buckingham Palace...

Someone loaned me a horse from the Household Cavalry and if only I had had the keys to the matching horse-box I could have taken him home with me.