Friday, January 24, 2014

24th January, 2014 French Dis-Connection

A reminder of fun and laughter!

I am off on my travels again, this time crossing the sea to France where I have been asked to work with Heather, an Exmoor Pony, who has found her way there having narrowly missed going for slaughter in Holland. I shall report back as soon as I can and of course I'm taking the camera.

The Spring diary is already filling up with some very interesting horses including this one. I am flat out tomorrow before I go and I am due to work with a mare that rears up on her way in from the field as well as two others. When I get back I'm looking forward to meeting a steady cob who bombs off in the school and was previously ridden even when his mouth was bleeding. Apparently they just put Vaseline on his lips and carried on! Then an RDA pony who funnily enough isn't that keen on moving quickly in the school. Horses that won't go and others that won't stop!

I've another pig phobic pony to work with in early February followed the day after by a wild pony called Piglet. Then there's the Irish horse that has been beaten (why oh why?) and a horse that rushes out of the trailer. I'll be riding out with another youngster that you've met before and occasionally revisiting some of the horses that are making steady progress through their education.

At the end of all that I'm off to Mallorca to see Xanthe and she has promised me two spotty donkeys for halter training, a veteran horse that is stuck about loading, as well as saying hello to all of her horses and mules. Can't wait!