Saturday, June 11, 2016

11th June, 2016 Sheep Date

Another lovely morning with Sandra and her two horses, Iona and Honey. Both were foot perfect. Iona had her girth done up on the off side - something that it is very useful to do so that they are never taken by surprise. Most of her session was spent off the lead rein.

Honey is about three steps behind and so we still practise a lean over before Sandra gets on board. Honey is now going in large circles in both directions.

After lunch on the run we were off to Dorset for the afternoon where Friesian cross Cob, Buca has literally been getting out of hand with her new owner. We worked on getting some sense into the situation and in exchange for calming down, I helped her on this occasion by killing the horseflies that kept settling on her.

After that we had a much prettier picture...

...and we also dug out a fly rug which was much appreciated...

...and much admired by some very fashion conscious horses down the track... of which has incredible markings.

I was very taken with an audience member who goes by the name of Piglet (should I tell them?)