Wednesday, June 1, 2016

1st June, 2016 Easy Tiger!

Another short session with Crazy this morning where he made small but very significant progress. Not only was he calmer but the bit was actually fixed on one side for the first time. He certainly knew the significance of that and did throw his head up a couple of times but when nothing changed, no one got cross or emotional, he was soon back asking to try again.

This is why hacking on the Forest can be dangerous. There's always the odd tiger in the bushes...

Now Twizzle has gone home I decided to throw the five remaining equines back out with each other. Henrietta has noticed that the round pen gate was open just a mule's width and was making the most of creep feeding.

Until I arrived when she just thought she would creep to me!

Herd politics took over as I left though. Jack said he didn't want to go back in with Théoden because Théoden tried to bully him and so I put Jack in with Pie who he then tried to bully and so I put them in adjoining fields but then Jack said that he missed Henrietta so I had to get Henrietta out from in with the big horses and put her in with Jack whereupon Henrietta said that she was missing the big horses already. I hope that all makes someone.

Pie just eats...