Tuesday, June 14, 2016

14th June, 2016 Bridled Joy

Two Arabian stallions in a row today. Arash has been doing well with his bridling and seems much calmer about having his ears touched.

Both his owner, and the Head Groom have been practising with him and calm repetition is definitely paying off.

Meanwhile Crazy has made significant progress thanks to his mint infused bit. He no longer goes backwards at all and takes the bit into his mouth in a considered way, gently opening his mouth so that I can slowly draw it up to the corners of his lips.

I'm pleased to have seen most of my own horses today as we are off on our holiday shortly. Pie is really looking well now and the two New Forest mares looked splendid when I saw them over the weekend.

They are all in safe hands with Tracey in charge while I am away...

...but I shall miss them, Tracey and the Forest.