Thursday, January 5, 2017

5th January, 2017 Can We Lick It?

The consultant is happy with my thumb but still says no driving and the pins have to stay in for another three weeks. After that I'll be in a cast for a while! The scaphoid bone is apparently very delicate and needs to be protected so no gripping, lifting or waggling allowed. Fortunately I can still type and take photos.

I will happily make appointments with anyone who is happy for Tracey to do the physical aspects of the work with me supervising. From there I can also supervise your work with your horse.

One of my enquiries about a horse problem came from Nikki yesterday, who owns Miniature Shetland filly, Lolly. She and Lolly have eighty acres that they can roam when they mood takes them, and until recently they have enjoyed their walks. Unfortunately on one occasion, Lolly, who is normally very confident, got in a bit of a flap about some chickens that she met, and then just a few days later, was chased by loose dogs and got loose herself. Understandably she isn't so sure she wants to go exploring any more and plants herself instead. Nikki and I discussed some techniques that she could use and combine in order to help Lolly to overcome her fears. In a nutshell these were:
  • Go out with a calm companion
  • Replicate the 'bean bag race' but without racing, walking to a point and then returning part-way and then going a bit further or a bit nearer, and then returning to the beginning and so on
  • Extending her world again by taking short circular routes like the petals of a flower
  • Following and engaging with some controlled chickens/dogs making sure that Nikki is in control of the pony and the stimulus
  • Rewarding with clickered treats using a three click system (rather than one click one treat)
We have the technology to control chickens
I can usually gauge someone's ability and understanding while I am talking to them on the telephone and feel confident that Nikki will be able to utilise these techniques carefully and sensibly and will seek hands on help if she needs it. As she isn't based anywhere near me, I will be able to recommend someone to help her who lives nearer.