Tuesday, May 30, 2017

30th May, 2017 Z Cares

Fritham Zoe and Zelda were rather wild and woolly when they came in this morning, making me wonder just how much they would have retained from their training last year, and how much they had regressed to their instinctive state. Young horses, left to their own devices, can become very dependent on one another and rather inclined to live on their wits. They seemed intent on knocking into me, and once their head collars were on, taking me for a walk.

Homework for tomorrow
I need not have worried. Choosing a restore point rather than a factory reset meant that they were soon back into the rhythm of things, standing still quietly when I asked them to, being groomed all over, standing in the barn, and picking their feet up nicely. All things that has taken a little while to teach them last year but which seem to be well established after all of this time.

It's not a plinth; it's a nail file.
We did some groundwork in the field which was simple revision before moving on to a tiny bit of lateral work and the most important preparation exercise for long reining; accepting the rein around the hindquarters and following the pressure. Both girls worked equally well, independently of each other, and I am going to enjoy having them back.