Monday, May 8, 2017

8th May, 2017 Moon is a Star

Just as you begin to wonder whether Moon will make any more progress before she goes home, or whether you will simply consolidate everything you have done so far, she offers something amazing.

Not only did she expose her left hand side to us as she has done before...

...but she allowed us to get much closer ever before. She is making the choice as to which side we touch, and now allowing us into her more vulnerable side. She doesn't mind how long we touch her right side for anymore although there are still places lower down her sides and bottom that are off limits.

After a break, and a snack...

...we finished the session at the same stage as we started on her right hand side, nine days ago. I'm happy to admit that Moon is probably the hardest semi-feral pony I have had in to work with, including Piper, but she is slowly getting there and her owner will leave with a much clearer idea of how to work with her. Critically, she needs a large pen, preferably outside, rather than a stable.

Blue is enjoying our daily visits to check whether Nelly has had her foal. No foal today.