Friday, May 18, 2007

18th May, 2007 Wrapped in cotton wool

So now both the Perkins and I are lame. Petra has tweaked a tendon somehow - probably cavorting around the field - and I have my squashed foot. This means we will miss two sponsored rides but we will both get a lie in. She is on Nissen Hut rest literally wrapped in cotton wool whilst I have a liberal coating of Arnica cream and the odd painkiller. I was extremely pleased with my new vets (Ruthe from The Barn) when she arrived within 30 minutes of my call and passed the initiative test of finding my place. Tonight I have had my foot up reflecting on how lucky some horses are - having got caught up in a terrible downward spiral, they fall on their feet with the most wonderful owners. Little Dani on Monday who can at last rely on someone to look after him, Millie, the wild New Forest pony on Tuesday who now has a doting owner and the Czechoslovokian warmblood who will at last be allowed to be a baby and to learn at her own pace.